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Stromberg (2004)

Stromberg is a German television series which is produced by Brainpool and broadcast on the commercial television channel ProSieben. The series was proclaimed as a copy of the BBC series The Office, although initially the producers claimed it was based on a character from a past ProSieben comedy, in spite of many elements resembling the The Office. An "inspired by" credit was given to the creators of The Office, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, after the BBC threatened ProSieben with legal action. The first season, which appeared in 2004, was made up of eight episodes. A second season of ten episodes, although not initially planned, was launched on 11 September 2005. A third season of eight episodes was launched on 5 March 2007. A fourth season was launched on 3 November 2009, with the entire season being available on DVD on 6 November. All four seasons can be watched online for free, courtesy of Brainpool.

Original Title: Stromberg

Времена года: 1 2 3 4 5
  • Год: 2004
  • Длительность: 30 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: De

Stefan Lampadius

Mitarbeiter Lambert

Christoph Maria Herbst

Bernd Stromberg

Lars Gärtner

Timo Becker

Bjarne Mädel

Berthold "Ernie" Heisterkamp

Diana Staehly

Tanja Seifert

Oliver Wnuk

Ulf Steinke

Frank Montenbruck

Mitarbeiter Montenbruck

Milena Dreißig

Jennifer Schirrmann

Rainer Laupichler

Dr. Nübel

Peter Rütten

Herr Pötsch

Nadja Becker

Maja Decker

Simon Licht

Hans-Jürgen Wehmeyer
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