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Dom zły (2009)

The story takes place in two parallel time planes. The first plot follows the events of one autumn night in 1978. Edward Srodon, a zootechnician, makes an accidental stopover in a farmhouse of Dziabas family in the remote area of Bieszczady Mountains. He stays for the night. The initial distrust between the guest and his hosts is quickly dispelled with moonshine and turns into a camaraderie, intimacy and even friendship. A plan of making a joint business arises, as well as passion and lust, which lead to a surprising and tragic consequences... Second plot is set on a winter day, during the Martial Law in Poland. An investigating team of Milicja Obywatelska (People's Militia) is visiting the crime scene. Lieutenant Mroz is trying to solve the multiple murder case from four years ago. The tool he has to his disposal is the reconstruction of events with help of the chief suspect, Srodon.

Original Title: Dom zły

  • Wojciech Smarzowski
  • Год: 2009
  • Длительность: 105 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Polski
  • бюджет: $1,300,000

Arkadiusz Jakubik

Edward Środoń

Marian Dziędziel

Zdzisław Dziabas

Katarzyna Cynke

Maria Lisowska / Grażyna Środoniowa

Robert Wabich


Robert Więckiewicz

Prokurator Tomala

Eryk Lubos


Lech Dyblik


Grzegorz Wojdon

Sierżant Jasiak

Kinga Preis

Bożena Dziabasowa
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