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Košnice (2012)

Thursday morning, Jerusalem. Nira goes to work. Ahmad in London does the same, Ralf in Cologne and a priest in Prague too. Matija, Croat, goes to work as well. Ok, he doesn't, but he acts as if he does. Ahmad is taking his routine red bus journey. Out-of-breath young man comes in and interrupts it. Schoolteacher Nira is also interrupted - her pupil jumps out and performs a love rap song he wrote for her. The priest in Prague doesn't feel like singing today, he is in the mood for (over)sleeping instead. Someone falls asleep, someone else - Ralf - falls in love. All five mentioned above are listening to the top-news about the disappearance of bees. And trying their best, each one of them in his or her own 'hive': Zagreb, Jerusalem, London, Cologne, Prague...

Original Title: Košnice

  • Michael Lennox
  • Boaz Debby
  • Simon Dolensky
  • Tomás Kratochvíl
  • Igor Šeregi
  • Год: 2012
  • Длительность: 72 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Český | Deutsch | Hrvatski | עִבְרִית | English
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