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Hideg napok (1966)

Andras Kovacs' film, considered one of the most important Hungarian films of the 1960's, centers around four men who await trial for their involvement in the massacre of several thousand Jewish and Serbian people of Novi Sad in 1942. Each denies any responsibility, claiming that they were only following orders. The film is sigificant for its willingness to address the subject of Hungary's role in WWII, which was taboo at the time of the its release.

Original Title: Hideg napok

  • András Kovács
  • Год: 1966
  • Длительность: 96 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Magyar

Szilágyi Tibor

Pozdor zászlós

Zoltán Latinovits

Büky őrnagy

Darvas Iván

Tarpataki főhajónagy

Ádám Szirtes

Szabó tizedes

Margit Bara


Major Tamás

Grassy ezredes

Koltai János

Adolf Gottlieb
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