Пиковая дама (1937)

Russia, 1835. Lieutenant Hermann, a compulsive gambler, is fascinated by an infallible martingale held by Countess Tomski, nicknamed The Queen of Spades. The day Hermann wants to wring the secret from her, the countess dies of fear. Following this tragic scene, Hermann sinks into dementia. Luckily, Lisa, his frail lover, brings him back to life and happiness.

Original Title: La Dame de pique

  • Fyodor Otsep
  • Год: 1937
  • Длительность: 87 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Français

Marguerite Moreno

La comtesse Tomski (La Dame de Pique)

Abel Jacquin

Prince Tomski
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