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Regain (1937)

In the 30s, a small village in the Provence is losing its inhabitants because young people prefer to go to the city to find easy jobs and escape from being farmers living in relative poverty. Only a few old people and the poacher Panturle remain. Panturle dreams of bringing the village back to life, finding a wife, founding a family and work as a farmer. One day, the village is visited by a traveling knife-grinder, Urbain Gedemus and a young woman, Arsule. Gedemus treats Arsule like a slave, but Arsule accept this because she has nowhere to go and -we guess- her 'work' with Gedemus is the last thing that saves her from being a prostitute. When she meets Panturle and knows about his dreams, she escapes from Gedemus and decides to stay with him. Together, they start a new life, made of hard farming work but mostly of happiness to have each other - fulfilling the earlier dreams of Panturle. Can anything break the happiness of their new life?

Original Title: Regain

  • Marcel Pagnol
  • Год: 1937
  • Длительность: 127 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Français

Marguerite Moreno

Zia Mameche


Urbain Gedemus

Orane Demazis

Mlle Irène alias « Arsule », la compagne d'Urbain

Henri Poupon

le fermier ami de Panturle

Milly Mathis


Édouard Delmont

le père Gaubert, forgeron
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