Eli Sjursdotter (1938)

During the great Nordic war in 1719, the Swedes have occupied parts of Norway. During the retreat over Tydal mountains most freezes to death. However, some seek refuge in mountain huts. The farmers chase them. The Swede hater Sjur come on tracks of Per Jons, seeking refuge in a mountain hut where Sjur's daughter Eli is located. She takes care of the wounded Per and there is a love affair between them. A relationship which does not fall in well with her ​​father.

Original Title: Eli Sjursdotter

  • Arne Bornebusch
  • Leif Sinding
  • Год: 1938
  • Длительность: 79 min.
  • Language: Norsk

Arne Lindblad


Sonja Wigert

Eli Sjursdotter
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