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Vampires (2010)

Vincent Lannoo’s ‘mockumentary’ shows us a community of vampires in Belgium. The two ‘parents’ of the family are George and Bertha, who have two teenage children – or rather, they raise two former humans who they turned into vampires. Son Samson is a bit of a jack the lad: enjoying the sexual freedom of vampire life, with all the vigour of an irresponsible young adult regardless of consequences (even incest is not frowned upon in their world, where the word ‘wife’ is often synonymous with ‘mother’ or ‘sister’). Daughter Grace yearns for humanity in a different way: applying fake tan to get rid of her vampiric pallor, dressing in pink clothes, wishing she could feel emotion and even having a human boyfriend.

Original Title: Vampires

  • Vincent Lannoo
  • Год: 2010
  • Длительность: 88 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Français

Paul Ahmarani


Julien Doré


Thomas Coumans

Le petit ami de Grâce

Marc Zinga

Le sans-papiers

Astrid Whettnall

La vampire mariée

Aurélien Ringelheim

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