Zhuo gui da shi (1989)

In ancient China, a demon was defeated in a fierce battle with a priest, who sealed it's evil spirit in a vase. Centuries later, during the cultural revolution, rebels attempted to gain possession of the vessel from the priest's descendant; however, he threw it into the ocean to keep it from being tampered. The vase was recovered years later in Hong Kong and was auctioned off to a councilman. The demon, unfortunately, escaped and took control of the councilman's body, beginning a spree of terror in the city.

Original Title: Zhuo gui da shi

  • Stanley Siu Ga-Wing
  • Norman Law Man
  • Год: 1989
  • Длительность: 93 min.
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Natalis Chan

Chan Pak Tung

Kent Cheng

Cheung Sap Yat

Stanley Fung

Councillor Steven Kay

Hung Mei

Steven's Mother

Chung Fat

Demon from the Vase

Helena Law Lan

Councillor Tang
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