Ghost Busting (1989)

Salesmen Bangladesh and Robert once worked in countryside and came across a female ghost and a sissy ghost, but their driver was killed by the ghosts unfortunately. Bangladesh and Robert were rescued by a Taoist Master, Cheung. They were so scared that they had to find a new job. The boss of the new company, Mr. Kan, authorized his daughter to be the manageress. His son, Tin Wai, was jealous and requested various ghosts to make a mess of the company in order to usurp power. So, the staff receive special training on exorcising ghosts.

Original Title: 舞台姊妹

  • Lau Shut-Yue
  • Год: 1989
  • Страна:
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu

Supervisor Kao

Chingmy Yau

Yip Ling

Charlie Cho

Supervisor Bat

Pauline Wong Yuk-Wan

Master Anita Mui

Chung Fat

Master Cheung Kwok Wing

Si-Ma Yin

Traitor Trainee

Stuart Ong

Gay Vampire

Cheng Ka-Sang

Zombie with Axe

Wong Tin-Lam

Maggie's Father

Felix Lok Ying-Kwan

Maggie's Brother

Regina Kent


Charlie Cho Cha-Lee

Supervisor Bat
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