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The Last Supper (2005)

A plastic surgeon who excels at his job hides a dark secret in THE LAST SUPPER. After finally succumbing to his desire to taste human flesh, the surgeon soon finds himself addicted to the taste of his patients' skin, which leads him to discover further culinary delights at a seedy restaurant with some highly dubious special dishes. Murder and mayhem ensue as the demented doctor continues to find new and gruesome ways to satisfy his appetite.

Original Title: 最後の晩餐

  • Osamu Fukutani
  • Год: 2005
  • Длительность: 92 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: 日本語

Ayaka Maeda

Rumi Ogawa

Masaya Kato

Doctor Yuji Kotorida
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