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Giuseppe in Warsaw (1964)

Adventures of the Italian soldier in a rebellious Warsaw in 1943, between Germans and the Polish resistance.

The Italian soldier Giuseppe Santucci, on his way home from the Russian front, during World War II (in 1943), has his machine gun stolen in Warsaw. Afraid of consequences, he stays in Warsaw and occupies a flat of the Polish girl Maria, whom he suspects of stealing weapon. Maria indeed is an active member of the Polish resistance, contrary to her brother, Staszek, a painter, who only wants a calm living. In a course of funny events, Giuseppe falls in love, and, along with Staszek, becomes a hero of the Polish resistance.

Original Title: Giuseppe w Warszawie

  • Stanislaw Lenartowicz
  • Год: 1964
  • Длительность: 99 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: Italiano | Polski

Antonio Cifariello

Giuseppe Santucci

Zbigniew Cybulski

Staszek, Maria's brother

Jarema Stepowski


Krystyna Borowicz

Damulka z pociągu

Zdzisław Kuźniar

Przedstawiciel podziemia wręczający Giuseppe odznaczenie

Aleksander Fogiel

Handlarz z pociągu
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