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The Company (2007)

Real-life figures from the Cold War era mix with a fictional story based on a group of CIA operatives and their counterparts in the KGB, MI6, and the Mossad.

  • Год: 2007
  • Длительность: 276 min.
  • Language: en

Alessandro Nivola

Leo Kritzky

Alfred Molina

Harvey Torriti/The Sorcerer

Michael Keaton

James Jesus Angleton/Mother

Chris O'Donnell

Jack McAuliffe

Natascha McElhone

Elizabet Nemeth

Rory Cochrane

Yevgeny Tsipin

Ulrich Thomsen

Starik Zhilov

Simon Callow

MI6 liaison officer Elihu

Antony Sher

"The Rabbi"
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