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Trenck - Zwei Herzen gegen die Krone (2003)

Prussian general's son Friedrich, Freiherr (German baron) von der Trenck, is an unruly student whose countless affairs make him enemies, but he wins every duel. Frederic II the Great recruits him for his personal bodyguard. During his cadet training under the cruel stickler Graf (count) von Jaschinsky Friedrich falls in love with the king's headstrong oldest sister Amalia. She, however, refuses to be married off the the Swedish king's heir. When Prussia makes war on Austria over Silesia, Trenck's loyalty is dubious on account of an Austrian family branch. Janischky eagerly convinces the king there is more.

Original Title: Trenck - Zwei Herzen gegen die Krone

  • Gernot Roll
  • Год: 2003
  • Длительность: 178 min.
  • Language: Deutsch

Alexandra Maria Lara

Prinzessin Amelie

Ben Becker

Friedrich Freiherr von der Trenck

Hannes Jaenicke

Graf von Jaschinsky

August Zirner

König Friedrich II
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