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Ассоциация (1974)

Plain-clothes detective Wang is the best in his trade. One day he stumbles across a young girl's body who apparently is died of abortion. Wang investigates the guilty abortionist who leads Wang to a secret organization called "The Welfare Association". Actually it is an international prostitution racket. Wang sneaks into the association. When he is about to arrest the association's organizer, a girl, Lei, whose sister's death cause by the secret society, saves Wang in certain death. Wang arrests the organizer but has set her free from headquarter. Wang and Lei get together in getting the commander dismissed.

Original Title: Yan ku shen tan

  • Jeong Chang-hwa
  • Год: 1974
  • Длительность: 80 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: 普通话

Sammo Hung

Tiger, Wang's assistant

Angela Mao

Fang Chu / Lui Ying

Fang Mian

Police Captain

Chiu Hung


Hwang In-Shik

General's Bodyguard

Wilson Tong

General's Bodyguard

Jenny Liang

Nude Woman

Carter Wong


Gam Lau

Fang Chu's Mother
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