Сокровище дьявола (1973)

Wang Chun, a veteran diver, is hired to recover a large quantity of gold bars from a ship sunk during the retreat of Japanese soldiers from Hong Kong. But no sooner has the treasure been found, then former Japanese military man, Arakawa, and his men arrive in a speedboat. Arakawa kills Wang's boss, seizes the gold and forces Wang to steer his boat to safety. A struggle ensues. The speedboat sinks after striking a reef. Wang escapes with the gold. He later marries a girl named Yen-yen. They settle down in South Korea, where Wang owns a big ranch. They have a daughter, Shan-shan. 7 years later, Arakawa returns, he demands Wang to hand over the gold bars with Yen-yen and Shan-shan as hostage..

Original Title: 黑夜怪客

  • Jeong Chang-hwa
  • Год: 1973
  • Страна:
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Sammo Hung

Kao Hsiung

O Chun-Hung

Wang Chun

Nora Miao

Yen Yen

Chun Hsiung Ko

Wang Chun

Ko Chun-Hsiung

Wang Chun
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