The Blade Spares None (1971)

Ho Li-Chun, a pretty but ruthless swordswoman, and three challengers are participating in an open tournament at Prince Kuei's Palace. A knight, Chen Jo-Yu, is defeated in the tournament. He flees and later returns with knight Tang Ching-Yun who wields a strange sword. They get trapped but Ho deliberately sets both free after seeing Tang's weapon which she recognizes as the same weapon once used by Sun Tien-Chen, a foe of the Ho family. She decides to investigate. She finds out Prince Kuei actually is Sun, who killed the real prince years ago and assumed his identity. Ho joins forces with Chen and Tang. The trio slays Sun in a desperate confrontation at the palace.

Original Title: Dao bu liu ren

  • Teddy Yip Wing-Cho
  • Год: 1971
  • Длительность: 102 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Sammo Hung

Martial contestant

Jackie Chan

Prince's fighter in the forest

Nora Miao

Ho Li Chun

Patrick Tse Yin

Tang Ching Yun

James Tien

Chen Jo Yu

Paul Chang Chung

Prince Kuei

Fung Ngai

Chuang Shih Piao

Lee Wan-Chung

Han Chen

David Lo Tai-Wai

young Ching Yun
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