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Удар таэквондо (1973)

The story is about the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II. A Korean patriot played by Carter Wong gets into a fight with some Japanese people and is chased into a church. The priest there is captured and tortured. Trying to secure his release, the leader of the resistance, Jhoon Rhee is himself captured and tortured by the Japanese. Carter Wong, Angela Mao and Anne Winton have to now try and rescue him. This leads to an explosive climax with the heroes having to fight the likes of Wong In Sik (Hwang In-Shik), Sammo Hung and Kenji Kazama.

Original Title: Tai quan zhen jiu zhou

  • Wong Fung
  • Год: 1973
  • Длительность: 95 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: 普通话

Sammo Hung

Japanese Fighter

Angela Mao

Wan Ling-ching

Jhoon Rhee

Wan Ling Ching / Huang Li Chen

Carter Wong

Jin Zheng Zhi

Hwang In-Shik

Japanese Leader

Chin Yuet-Sang


Chan Chuen


Hung Mei

Huang's mother

Wong Fung

Lieutenant Makibayashi

Wilson Tong

Korean at restaurant

Peter Chan Lung

Japanese fighter

Yuen Biao

Japanese [extra]
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