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Правдами и неправдами (1980)

'FLOWER KID' was a 'Robin Hood' type of hero who robs the rich and gives the poor. He was adored by many people especially a kid named 'FATSO', who considered himself as 'FLOWER KID jr.' Madam Bee, a woman of guts and evil hated 'FLOWER KID' because he once refused to kill her husband. She then married a rich 'Big Shot' and used his money and power to hire a bounty hunter called 'SKINNY'. Skinny caught the imitating hero 'Fatso'. They fought, understood, became good friends and went on look for 'Flower Kid'...

Original Title: Xian yu fan sheng

  • Karl Maka
  • Год: 1980
  • Длительность: 94 min.
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Karl Maka

Butcher Wing
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