Манчжурский боксер (1974)

Ku Ju-chang, young and upright martial artist, fights and kills the viceroy's son. Ku has to leave his home and lead a floating life throughout China. One day, Ku is surprised by Old Shen, the highwayman. Shen is fatally wounded but he manages to ask Ku to look up his wife and daughter. Ku is employed to build the scaffolding for the title of Champion Boxer for all seven North China provinces. Tournament organizer Chien has aligned himself with two of Japan's foremost boxers and wants to confirm his own power. Ku is urged by his friend Wei to join the tournament and foil Chien's plan. Wei, however, is brutally killed by Chien. An angry Ku joins the tournament with vengeance in mind. Chien and his sister try to ambush Ku but Ku is forced to kill the Chiens in a bloody fight. The next day, Ku finds himself roving once again in the countryside of China.

Original Title: 七省拳王

  • Wu Ma
  • Год: 1974
  • Длительность: 81 min.
  • Language: 普通话

Sammo Hung

Kong Chuan

Wu Ma

Siu Ma

Wilson Tong

Kyo Ban

Lau Wing

Ku Yu-Chang

Lee Ye-Min

Ku's new boss
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