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Рикша (1989)

Lo Tung and his friend Malted Candy, pedicab drivers working the streets of Macao, have both fallen in love. The problem is that both their objects of affection - one a baker, the other a prostitute - are working under cruel and lecherous bosses. Somehow, the pair must find a way to win the ladies' hearts and free them from their unpleasant jobs.

Original Title: 群龍戲鳳

  • Sammo Hung
  • Год: 1989
  • Длительность: 95 min.
  • Страна:
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

Sammo Hung

Lo Tung

Suen Yuet

Fong the Baker

Max Mok Siu-Chung

Malted Candy

Lowell Lo

San Cha Cake

Mang Hoi

Rice Pudding

Liu Chia-Liang

Casino boss [cameo]

Maria Cordero

Tung's Aunt [cameo]

Corey Yuen Kwai

Coolie [cameo]

Billy Lau

Coolie [cameo]

Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting

Jeweller [cameo]

Lam Ching-Ying

Uncle Sheng [cameo]

Chung Fat

Master 5's thug

Billy Chow

Master 5's leading thug

Mai Kei

Master 5's thug

Dick Wei

Wei [cameo]

Eric Tsang

Wok cook [cameo]

Fung Ging-Man

Brothel Boss Uncle Fe

Manfred Wong

Pork Bun man [cameo]

Fennie Yuen

Siu Chui

Corey Yuen

Coolie [cameo]

Sun Yueh

Fong the Baker
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